Whats Harry Reid Hiding?

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The AARP letter shows Senator Harry Reid responding to Social Security with a typical Liberal confusing answer.  Now it has disappeared off Senator Reid’s own website.  Has he changed his mind again?  Or realized that his answer would cost him more votes?  You decide.

AARP: Our Nation’s deficit is threatening our economy and the financial security of future generations, and it needs to be reduced. Congress must cut wasteful spending, but we need to make sure that any proposed solutions look at the impact on real people, not just budget numbers. Unfortunately, there are proposals to reduce the deficit by cutting Social Security benefits Americans have earned over a lifetime of hard work. Social Security is paid for by contributions from workers and their employers and has not added to the deficit. Instead of cutting Social Security to reduce the deficit, Congress needs to crack down on waste and inefficient spending and make the tough decisions to fairly balance revenue and spending.

Harry Reid: I also am concerned that privatization could require more than $5 trillion in new debt to finance privatized accounts. This huge new debt would pose unnecessary risks to our economy, and threaten to slow growth and lead to large tax increases in the future. (Source: http://reid.senate.gov/issues/socialsecurity.cfm)

(this link no longer works on Senator Reid’s own web site)

Sharron Angle: The fastest way to get the economy moving again is to cut spending, pay back the national debt, and make permanent the Bush Tax Cuts which are due to expire in just a few months. Steps like these would go a long way toward giving the business community the confidence they need to start creating jobs and hiring again. (Source: http://sharronangle.com/issues)

Attention Senator Reid:  Allowing people to save Social Security Money, does not add new Debt.  It provides security for seniors when they are at an age to enjoy whats left of their life.   When they no longer wish to hope that their government has spent them into the poor house.  Privatization would allow them to not worry about politicians such as yourself spending all their hard earned money.

Perhaps you would care to explain why after years of seniors putting money into social security this years Senate took a RAISE but Social security did not…..

Enjoy your retirement Senator.


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