Harry Reids World Wide Depression

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2010 at 12:45 pm
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“But for me, we would be in a world wide depression”.  Harry Reid!

Wow the arrogance of this Senator from Nevada.  It is his policies that put the United States of America in jeopardy and ironically, his continued spending that will lead us there.

Harry Reid must be replaced with anyone!  Sharon Angle will be a fine choice but the State of Nevada could have placed anyone on the ballot and it would have been a better choice than Harry.  Harry has overspent our money in the name of Saving the world. All on the backs of the American Tax Payer.

The depression that he claims to have spent our way out of was caused the spending habits of career politicians such as Harry, Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration. Ironically the Depression he claims to have cured will probably still arrive because of his policies.

Come on Nevada, throw the Bum Out.  This arrogant Senator must be removed from office, we await your decision.


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