Morals Clause for congress?

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Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from ...

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How about a MORALS clause for congress?  Many of us sign a moral turpitude clause for work, what about one for Congress and the Senate?  Would your congress person pass the Morals clause?

Inditement does not mean guilt, but maybe with a Morals Clause we could remove their retirement if found guilty and still in office as an enticement to get some of the Immoral characters out of office.

Lets me honest politics is a dirty business, but we need to look up to the people who have been elected.

Hence the Morals Clause, that would promise that a simple set up morals would be followed while in office.

Perhaps we could start with some simple ones, Thou Shalt not STEAL!
Thou Shalt not covent or sexually harass my fellow member of Congress‘s spouse or page.  Wow there go a few right there.

No bribes, and when caught serve the time that a judge gives them, no more getting out of jail free or early.

Its time to look into the dealings of these people who asked to “lead” us and put them to some hire standard than what we are getting.

Maxine Waters has been indicted, if found guilty will she go away, or will she force the house to make those decisions for her.

Charlie Rangle, is facing a hearing.  Innocent till proven guilty or depending on what the meaning of Is, Is!

Bill Clinton put the country through hell, not to mention his family.  Wow no morals there.

Wouldn’t buy a used car from Harry Reid but not currently aware of a real crime his has committed, just not a good moral guy. Maybe Sharon Angle will fix that.

Yes, the question is really simple, would your congressman or congresswomen pass a Morals Clause?  Would you let them care for your young children?  Buy a used car from them?  Let them hold your money?

If you said no, then why are they running our country with night time back room deals?


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