Parade Magazine 10-10-2010

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How did a little throw away paper (Parade Magazine) get a front cover of the Al-Baaj family a nice looking Muslim import from Iraq in the same magazine as a lost article on the back called the Views (parade.come/views) with a feature on Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates?

The nice Muslim family has been living in Nebraska and loves it.  Great, the family is not working.  What other country in the world would bring people within its borders and allow them to become citizens, and support them.  They are volunteers, (to qualify for some government benefits)  What Benefits?  My tax dollars?  Saddam is gone thanks to the lives of some hard working soldiers.  Now is their chance to bring change to their own homeland.  Why is Parade Magazine working on promotion to bring me diversity?

Americans have no problem with hard working Iraqis.  In fact every time another Muslim has blown himself up anywhere in the world we all feel a great empathy.  Yet It is the Muslims that keep doing this.  If it is a religion of peace, perhaps it’s time to start showing a little more to fellow Muslims, then the rest of the world.  That said, Americans do not need to bring additional Iraqis to our borders, then support them with government assistance to feel good about ourselves.

How this little Parade Magazine could write such an article then place Bob Gates in the back shows how this new fair and balance wording is going to be shoved down our throats during the Obama Administration.  Secretary Gates, quotes history and carefully walks the tight rope trying to not step on Obama Administration toes while killing terrorist in a war zone of Muslim people.

Funny that we haven’t had to invade Canada in over 225 years.  Perhaps we will, to bring them some of our new religious views that are so easily being planted among the press.  Everyone lets just all get along, please disregard the kid sitting next to you on the plane trying to light his underwear or shoe on fire.

Tolerance and peace, always on your tax dollars.

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