How to resign the Presidency

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Dear President Obama

Since so many Secretaries, Staffers and Czars are quitting I thought you would like to know how to resign your office as well.

Thanks to President Nixon he set the stage for you to make an easy and quick get away.  Simply write the words,

“ I herby resign the office of President of the Untied States” and then sign your name.

It should be made out to the Secretary of State which at the moment, (You may have to hurry here, they are dropping like flies) Secretary of State Clinton.

Thats it!

Don’t worry, you get full secret service protection for 10 years, for you and the family.  The limo’s go with you as well.  There is a stipend of $96,000 for staff, and $201,000 but thats before taxes, good thing it wasn’t 250,000 or you’d have to pay taxes like the rest of us.

Really you’ll enjoy retirement.  No more long hours on the basketball court being interrupted by pesky problems with national security.  No one will treat you like a dog, you can sleep in. Stay at those fine 5 star resorts your wife enjoys so much, and no one will care when you come home.

Sorry but you do give up the jet.  Air Force One is for the guy in office, who is working to make the country a better place, oh well.  The White House goes too, but you’ve got lots of fine hotels, not to mention the great deal you got on that little place in Chicago.

So just sign the paper anytime you want to get out.  You can leave just like Rahm and the rest.  No need to pack, the White House staff will do it for you.

Remember it’s.  “ I herby resign the office of President of the Untied States” and then sign your name.

And you are out!


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