Where is John Galt?

In Wizard on October 4, 2010 at 3:01 am
Atlas Shrugged

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How many times must Atlas Shrugged be read before it is completely understood?  Lets hope most get it on the first go round.  We have all met people who would never get the opportunity to know who ran the John Galt line or “Who is john Galt?”

Once upon a time the book was not locatable in local book stores, or only a single copy.  Now thanks to the current policies of our leaders the book is everywhere, even Costco has it on the shelves.

Lets encourage all those who have read it to reread the words of Miss Rand and see why the book lives on. There truly has not been a better time to read it.  Well if you could start it under the Taggart Terminal maybe.

These are tested times, and no better time than have each of us find a new reader to have Ayn work her magic.  The youth of today have not been exposed.  They are being fed year of socialist school propaganda.

Dagny Taggart, Howard Roark and Hank Rearden are still walking among us.  Yet on those lonely nights isn’t it always nice to know that someone is watching from the window.  Wishing to release us all from the oppression of our own government.  Nothing  beats the thrill of finding a kindred soul as they read those pages for the first time.

Spread the word, Ayn Rand lives in the pages that can help turn a lost and trouble youth as well as miss guided old to a brighter hopeful future.

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