Freedom of Religion

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Gay muslims

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We don’t really have freedom of religion, even if Barack Obama says so.  (he is wrong again).  But in the case of should the Mosque be built near or at ground Zero he is particularly wrong, (again).

In many instances in our country over its desires to offer freedom to worship, we have trampled on the rights of those who were practicing their religion.

Mormons: no longer are allowed plural marriages.

Catholics: are not allowed to perform exorcism.

Jews: have changed the way a Rabbi may circumcise.

Seventh Day Adventist must allow their children medical care, even when they don’t want it.

Fundamentalist Christians may not hold arsenals in their compounds.

Baptist of the south no longer may join organizations that hate on the grounds of color.  Although may religions joined groups such as the KKK.  Which is also not allowed.

A child of any denomination may join any school sponsored education system.

The boys scouts of America, in their attempt to control who is in their leadership position currently may discriminate but the courts are about to force them to change. (go figure).

Yet, fundamentalist Muslims, still agree with Stoning to death of a women for various crimes.

Beheading of someone you hate or disagree with is considered a sensible way to keep them from going to heaven.

It’s ok, to blow up people who do not agree with your views in the name of their God, and be rewarded.  72 virgins, a great place in heaven and so on…. wow!

If you believe strongly enough, you can kill someone who no longer agrees with the Muslim faith,  just for their lack of belief.  (It’s amazing any of their teen ages make it through puberty).

The covering of ones head is forced… and in some country the entire body is covered.  Why won’t Barack Obama force Michell and his daughters to wear this fine religious drape?

Yes, we infringe on all sorts of religion in this country.  Yet we are told we must allow a group to build a Mosque near the very place that people were killed in the name of this religion.  Why?  Fear of uprising? (bring it on)!

A single minister caused more of an uprising when he threatened to burn their book of faith, than all the uprising heard around the world when the head of Daniel Pearl was placed on the internet, just before coming off.

Where is the voice of reason when the burning of Bibles, American Flags, Jewish Flags or the Star of David?

After 9/11 images of celebrating Muslims around the world were shown here.  Very few of those images showed Muslims praying for the loss of life that was delivered at the hands of radical Muslims.

Yes, this is a free country.  But freedom does not equate to stupidity.  When citizens of the United States are threatened with violence because we will not produce our freedoms to those who do not give the same freedoms to their own something is wrong.

Will the Mormons be allowed to send their missionaries to Afghanistan or Iran?  Will the Pope be allowed to visit Saudi Arabia? Will the Obama Daughters wear a Berka for the sake of freedom.

It is time for Muslims to embrace the very peace they claim.  Start by admitting there are problems within your own sects.  Move forward and recognize Israels right to exist.  Allow people of your own faith to change religion freely.  Open your own borders to people of other faiths are you are demanding we do with ours.

Yes, we would all like to see Freedom of Religion, lets see you practice it first.  Perhaps by Moving the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE.


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