The President can paint, But can he lead?

In Constitution, Iran, Obama, Terrorists on September 11, 2010 at 8:19 pm
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle...

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On this 9/11 our President has chosen to provide labor as a painter of a school, while our nation suffers.

9/11 should be a reminder that it is only a strong nation and national leadership that can get us through these horrible times that radial Muslims are so bent are delivering to the United States.

If Osama Bin Laden should choose to attack again, he will be thrilled to see that our president can paint between the lines and keep the colors where they are needed.  President Obama has failed on another campaign promise of hunting Bin Laden down and bringing him to justice.

The rest of the country however should take a long hard look at how we are being led and where this so called leadership, (Speeches and Painting) will take us in the future.

While a Mosques is being readied on what Muslims would consider conquered ground, and Iran plans to go Nuclear we need leadership and direction.

Next time you enter a voting booth the choice will be yours. More  paint in the proper lines or a new direction with leadership.  Vote carefully, your lives depend on it.

9/11 so much already forgotten.  “Lets Roll“.


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