States Finacial Crisis

In Dollar Crisis, Government Reforms, Health care, Obama, President obamas Cabinet, Wizard on September 3, 2010 at 3:17 pm

This is so simple that every tax payer must add their 2 cents or in our governments case, billion or so.   We will immediately place all State and Federal Employees on Social Security.  Yes those crazy pensions they were promised will be rolled into the same wonderful plan we are stuck with.  Social Security!

Sorry you can’t retire at 51 at full salary.  Just like the rest of us you will now be working till your 65 or older.  But relax the federal government will promise to pay you. When your retire at an old age.

Attention Union Leaders and Politicians, we the tax payers will not be bailing you out.  You’ve been over spending for years, and now you expect us to bail out your corrupt system so you may continue.  No way Jose, and Jose from Mexico may not join this system until he has properly joined our country.  Which means head on home and apply.

So to sum up, before every state joins California as unable to pay.  All Pension Plans including the Federal Government Plan will be placed on the same rules the rest of us are forced into.  Social Security.  No early retirement, no taxpayer funded bail outs.


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