Islamic Community Center Neighborhood Solutions

In Terrorists on August 4, 2010 at 2:23 am
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45-47 Park Place is simply not architecturally important enough to be worthy of historic landmark protection and can be demolished.  So what?  Well the real issue here is insensitivity and the people who feel a Mosque is important in that neighborhood.

Here is your solution.  On the one side of the newly built Mosque a good Jewish Deli.  You know the kind, with great sandwiches, fantastic breads, and all the conversation you can handle.  Maybe a few Rabbi’s discussing the days worldly issues.  This would be more than five times a day!  But hey it is a free country.  The people who feel the need to build the Mosque have told you so.  So bring on the Corned beef, and I don’t mean that is a religious sort of way.  Just like the Sandwich.

Now for the other side of this proposed Islamic Community Center, complete with Mosque I would like to suggest another of my favorites that I can’t get at my favorite Jewish Deli’s.  A sausage factory.  Yes you know the type, lots of great pork hanging from the ceiling, drying and curing.  Sausage and perhaps some good smoked bacon, Wow does anything smell better than curing pig being smoked.  Please forgive us Rabbi but the rest of us like to eat, and there would be that huge Islamice Communtiy Center to space out this new buisness that New Yorkers so richly deserve.

So lets all get along.  If the Islamic community Centers want to build where they like, Please someone plan to fill the area with some great other business‘s.  Oh Yeah, Welcome to America.  We may lose a few fights but we always win the war.


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