President McChrystal

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2010 at 10:56 pm

Lets be honest about the McChrystal “resignation”.  Since George Washington put the military in the hands of the civilians or congress we have accepted the role of the military taking it’s orders from the “Commander in Chief”.

The country even backed Harry Truman when he fired MacArthur even though the majority loved MacArthur more than President Truman at the time, and this really isn’t the same thing for so many reasons.

The problem here is that so many don’t respect our current Commander in Chief and apparent they really hate Vice President Bite me as well.  That would be Joe Biden to the rest of you.

So where does the country go when it’s military hates our choice of leaders so much they will commit political suicide with a reporter present to get out of working for them?  Why would they give this type of access if they didn’t believe it wouldn’t be in print, or just wanted out.

Seems it would be easier to elect a more qualified President and Vice President.

How does President McChyrstal sound…. I like it.


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