It’s 3 AM Mr. President…

In Iran, Obama, President obamas Cabinet, Terrorists on June 2, 2010 at 1:56 am

The Obama Administration refuses to support the state of Arizona in it’s fight to keep illegals from overflowing their boarders.  It refuses to support their laws, give aid or meet with the leaders of Arizona.

Now the Obama Administration is turning it’s back on Israel, while it tries to defend it’s citizens from Hamas rockets.

Yet the Administration has threatened to nationalize BP, a British company for it’s overflow of oil into the gulf.  Incarcerate it’s officers and use laws to it’s benefit to force it to do what ever the administration demands on a daily basis.  Yet the Administration can do no more than threaten BP with fine, new laws and “talking head time” to achieve this.   Where is the leadership the American People were promised.

How is it, that a man made disaster like Arizona needing federal help can be ignored and even scoffed at, while a deadly disaster such as an oil rig fire and leak can cause them to have all the answers?

If only they knew as much about illegal immigration as they seem to know about Oil Leaks, or the middle east.

It’s that 3 am phone call, Mr. President your world is getting harder, and now North and South Korea are not getting along.  Did we mention that Iran would like to laugh at us some more.  Who shall we blame next?


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