It’s not over till the last vote is cast

In Health care, Obama, President obamas Cabinet on March 20, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Will the Next Edmund G Ross please stand up?  As the only Senator to vote against the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Senator Ross defied his parties filibuster proof majority and saved the nation.  How?  By defying his party he kept the 3 branches of government intact.  Yes all the senate knew the day of the vote they could control a branch of government.  But just like today, a man of conscious rose above politics and saved us from ourselves.

Is there no senator who knows better in his heart that his Healthcare bill is going to hurt the country finically?  Is not one of them aware that throwing money at the problem will not fix anything?  Just look at the debacles you have given us so far.  Cash for Clunkers, Stimulus, H1N1 vaccine allotments, Housing bust and Tarp!

The Louisiana purchase alone should be enough to each of you from voting.  It is wrong that one state will be given additional services at the expense of others for a vote.

Where is a Senator of Principal?  Where is the next Senator Ross.  It’s not to late.  Think before you vote to destroy our way of life.

Reprint from 2009 wizard of aws


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