Reagan on the Fifty?

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Has Ronald Reagan earned the kind of Presidential honor as to end up on our money?  In a word Yes, he was one of the greatest leaders we have ever had.  But not at the expense of another great president.  Rep. Patrick McHenry wants to replace President Grant.  Grant was no Reagan, but without him we would not have ended the Civil War in a timely fashion.  There was also a prior move to replace Alexander Hamilton on our currency with Ronald Reagan.

I propose a new $ 250.00 bill with President Reagan’s picture.  If we are choosing leaders to honor President Reagan is on the short list.  His work in restoring integrity in the White House.  Bringing down the Berlin Wall, when no one thought it was possible.  Giving us back a solid economy after the failed policies of the Carter Administration.  All reasons for the honor.

But not at the expense of other great leaders.  Not knowing our history is going to be the end of our country if we are not careful.  At the rate President Obama is spending we will need larger currency anyway.  So yes lets find a place for this great man, on a new demoniation.

How about a 25 Dollar Coin?  A new $ 250.00.

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