What would you ask at the Health Care Summit?

In Health care, Obama, President obamas Cabinet on February 24, 2010 at 2:48 pm

If  you could ask President Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi a question at the Health Care Summit, what would it be?

How about…

Why do Canadians leave their country, when they offer government run heath care to come here?

Why isn’t congress being added to this plan?

Who’s doctor is going to care for the next 30 million patients?

If I’ve been paying for my health care all along, why should I know pay for 30 million more?

How is a medical student going to repay their loans at the rate your paying doctors?

Why is this the governments business?

Should the people of Louisiana get a special deal, and if so why didn’t you offer this to all the states?

Whats your question?


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