Iranian Revolution

In Iran, Obama, Terrorists on February 11, 2010 at 2:04 pm
President of Iran @ Columbia University.

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed February 11, 2009 that Iran has produced its first batch of uranium enriched to a higher level, saying his country will not be bullied by the West into curtailing its nuclear program a day after the U.S. imposed new sanctions.  Iran won’t be bullied, but will threaten the existence of Israel every chance it gets.  Is this really the intent of the UN or the Obama Administration?  Ahmadinejad reiterated to hundreds of thousands of cheering Iranians on the anniversary of the 1979 foundation of the Islamic republic that the country was now a “nuclear state,” an announcement he’s made before.    He insisted that Iran had no intention of building nuclear weapons.  If anyone really belives that Iran will not build a nuclear device is not paying any attention.  What will the cost of the region be when they have “the bomb”?

It was not clear how much enriched material had actually been produced just two days after the process was announced to have started.

The United States and some of its allies accuse Tehran of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to build nuclear weapons but Tehran denies the charge, saying the program is just geared toward generating electricity.  Even though Iran at this point has not started construction of a power plant, they keep testing rockets.   “I want to announce with a loud voice here that the first package of 20 percent fuel was produced and provided to the scientists,” he said.  Enriching uranium produces fuel for a nuclear power plants but can also be used to create material for atomic weapons if enriched further to 90 percent or more.

“We have the capability to enrich uranium more than 20 percent or 80 percent but we don’t enrich (to this level) because we don’t need it,” he said in a speech broadcast live on state television.  A mad man in charge of a country that hates Israel and America, who has lied at every turn.  How much longer will the world stand back and wait?
“God willing, daily production (of low enriched uranium) will be tripled,” Ahmandinejad announced.  Won’t this be wonderful, we were worried about a bomb, maybe they are going to make a few of them.

The UN won’t help, Obama is not capable of a decision that will force them to stop.

Israel will have to go it alone.  What will the consequences of a nuclear Iran be for the region?  If Israel does attack in a defensive preemptive strike what will the world reaction be?  Shutting down of middle east oil?  Stock Markets dropping by half?  More crazed Israel hatters trying to blow them selves up in crowded markets as proof of their support for Iran.  Where is the world condemnation today?


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