Dear Ms Pelosi and Senator Reid, Is it true…

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2010 at 1:53 am

Dear Ms Pelosi and Senator Reid

Is it true that you are limiting State funding to keep attorney’s ability to sue?  In other words if a state puts caps on punitive damages on  medical malpractice awards then they lose funding under your Heath Care Bill.  So states like Texas which already have  caps on punitive damages will have to abandon their limits or get  limited funding.  Will you also be punishing Indiana, which uses medical teams to evaluate Claims?

Say it isn’t so that you have forsaken your oath to serve only the Lawyers.  Sounds like you both may wish to hire an attorney because if this is true, you must be breaking some laws.  I suppose we will leave it to Newly Elected Senator Scott Brown to read the bill and let us know.
Signed the Taxpayers.


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