Massachusetts Votes

In Obama, President obamas Cabinet on January 19, 2010 at 4:06 am

Massachusetts has made mistakes in it’s past and is one of the most Democratic states in the nation. It’s the only state that voted for George McGovern over Richard Nixon in 1972 and it hasn’t elected a Republican senator since 1972. Its entire congressional delegation is Democratic. A GOP win would shock the liberal Democratic establishment that dismissed the 2009 gubernatorial setbacks in Virginia and New Jersey as mere flukes.

This is where the Boston Tea Party took place. New England “patriots” rebelled against high taxes by dumping tea into Boston Harbor some 235 years ago today each of Massachusetts voters can change the coarse of history!

Just like Edmund G Ross who voted to keep Andrew Johnson each of the voters of Massachusetts will have the opportunity to stop what is going on in Washington.

Never has lighten struck twice but here Massachusetts finds itself at the center of change, do we follow or lead?  As our forebears fought to give us a voice, your voices must now be heard to save America.  Yes, each Vote has the ability to stop the Obama Administration from ruling without listening to the people.  The Election of Senator Brown will put the people back in charge.  Save your country and vote for Scott Brown, US Senator.


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