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Obama’s War

In Obama on December 2, 2009 at 6:34 pm

It is reprehensible that President Obama has taken this long to make a decision. Given that he has been in office over 10 months; the many months General McChrystal has been in Afghanistan the delay has left American Soldiers lives unnecessarily at risk. It seems clear that the president has spent months trying to come up with a politically acceptable strategy rather than really focusing on Victory as a solution.   Does he want to WIN?  If so why wouldn’t he trust  General McChrystal’s strategy  completely?  After all he did pick him.  This is not a basket ball game when we see who won when the clock runs out.
President Obama has chosen the non working solution that was selected for the end of World War One.  Choosing a time which all sides know the war is to end.  Thousand of lives were lost in those last days of WWI because of this blunder.  Does no one in the White House read any history?  Wars are WON when the enemy surrenders not when the clock strikes the appointed hour.

And one more little point President Obama, You asked to be President.  It isn’t like you were unaware this war was going on when you came to office all those months ago.  You can disagree with President Bush, but to keep on blaming him when you knew everything as a candidate is really getting old.  Now that you have “Taken Charge”  Lets go at this with everything we’ve got.  Americans will rally behind you if your are fighting an old fashioned WAR.   With an objective to win, which again is when the Taliban, al qaeda , and Osama Bin Laden all surrender.  Remember, (No war time President has lost an election).