The Obama Medical Lie

In Health care, Uncategorized on November 28, 2009 at 3:24 am

Forget Michael Moore the United States of America has the greatest healthcare in the world. Unfortunately we have been forced into a socialistic scheme. We, the taxpayers, should be pointing the finger at Congress and the White House for it’s failures, not trying to destroy our medical system.

Congress mandated that anyone going to an emergency room must be provided medical care regardless of their ability to pay. The argument used was some poor person getting hit by a car or bus who didn’t have his ID or insurance forms. This policy would allow or force medical services to care for trauma victims immediately. Sounds lovely. The reality is that when you head into a Emergency room it is full of illegal aliens and indigents using it as a primary doctor source. None of them are going to pay a bill. What right (other than being forced by congress) does anyone have to force another to pay their medical bills. Or any other bills or necessities for that matter.

President Obama should stop the lie that Medical Care is not available to everyone. All he has to do is walk into any crowded emergency room in the country to see that coverage is provided.  Not to mention Medicare, Medical, or privately held hospitals such as St. Jude.

Is this a perfect system? No. Is the current bill the solution? Hell No. Lets just start with no longer promising free care in our emergency rooms so that the rest of us who are working to pay for our coverage can just pay for ourselves. The insurance companies know that when they get a bill for my care or those of us that are covered a major portion of that charge is used to pay for the uninsured.

The worry here, is the tax payer is now going to get screwed again. Once by the insurance premiums and again by the taxes. All in the name of President Obama feeling better about himself. President Obama your a rich man, why don’t you donate all your money to pay for medical services first. Then come and get my money.

President Obama it took you 6 months to choose a dog.  It has taken you almost a year to make a decision on Afghanistan.  The American Health Care System deserves more time and scrutiny.


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