Cost of New Pharmaceuticals

In Health care on November 26, 2009 at 8:59 pm

16 – 40 BILLION dollars per year are spent on developing new drugs.  The advantages are new better medicines that work for all of us.  However if someone has a reaction then the Attorney’s circle around like vultures ready to pounce.  Yes it is horrible when someone reacts badly to a new drug.  Drug companies are really trying to help!  Helping people can be extremely profitable.  The profits are taxed (excessively) but still taxed so the government gets more than it’s share.

If and when our new socialized medical system is put in place who is going to risk getting sued, taxed or worse jailed for the development of new medicines for any of us.  Congress is promising once again the regulations of the profits that a company will be allowed to earn.  Congress Waxman even  demanded to know what these company expense were.  (It really isn’t any of his business)  However he placed this burden on only this type of company. Seems odd that Congressman Henry Waxman didn’t ask for a detailed public accounting of his donors.

Would you want to work in a company that at any point might cost you your life savings or jail for the product you produce?  Congress must add Torte reform and let the market decide on the cost of drugs.  This won’t happen under the current Obama Administration because government in this case always knows best.  Come on, lets keep out free market system. President Obama’s Cabinet members are working at controlling not only which medicines will be produced but who gets them.  Which states will pay more and which (future Voters) will pay less.

Martha Stewart spent some time in jail for knowing which drug was about to be denied approval by the FDA.  Which members of Obama’s Cabinet have this same information?

We would all like to be healthy and enjoy a good life.  Drugs help that along.  In the case where any single person chooses to use any medicine this must be done at their own risk.  Drug companies really are trying to help people in general.   It’s time for congress and President Obama to stop demonizing them.

We have the best medical system in the world.  People from all over the world are trying to get to America to use our system.  Here comes the Change that Candidate Obama promised.  What will you do when all your meds have to come from Mumbai, Sweden or the local witch doctor?


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