Doctor Costs

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2009 at 2:05 am

The first year at Harvard according to their web site is $66,600 then put that at 8 years. $532,800.00 if it were paid out of pocket. That includes living expenses and the education. Also nice to see real value when you adjust for weeding out people who probably didn’t deserve to get into Med School.
Medicare is offering on average of $41.00 to the doctor for each visit. (this is the average of a visit based on the sites that provided actual monies, most gave percentages which were a crazy government formula).
If the doctor sees two patients an hour and works an eight hour day a doctor could earn a whopping $656.00 from Medicare. The next health plan will be worse. Because all doctors will be forced to accept what is paid. They won’t be able to play nurse, receptionist, or a couple of ex wives. What is the world coming to. Lets put congress at this same formula. Or at least force congress to use this new health care program that they are so sure we need.


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