Free market pharmacies

In Health care on November 24, 2009 at 12:42 am

Lets start with not having a healthcare bill at all.  That said why has there been a lot of talk about the $300 million Medicaid “fix” that Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu got for her home state just before voting in favor of  the Senate health bill on the floor for consideration. ” The Louisiana Purchase”. If a pharmaceutical company did this they would be called before congress and accused of a BRIBE.  Somehow this seems to escape Harry Reid.

So if we want change and using other countries as an example lets start with MEXICO.  In Mexico pharmacies are everywhere.  Other than narcotics or harmful drugs you may purchase what you wish for your own consumption.  Lets begin there.  Release all pharmacies to sell any drug that does not put the public in danger to anyone who wishes to buy them for personal use.   I know that Harry Reid, the Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Congress and the entire Obama administration do not really want us to have any choice in our own medical decision or faith that we many know whats best for ourselves.  However this would free people up to use their own money as they see fit.  If they want a doctors advice, they many go and ask which drug he recommends.

This would put profits into local pharmacies, the drug companies and give consumers a direct choice of their own health issues.   Free market at work.  Pharmacies would compete driving down prices to get customers to buy drugs from their store.  This could happen immediately.

This proposal was under 2000 pages!  It would save everyone money!  It is not in the current Health Care Bill, Why?


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