The new indentured servant

In Health care on November 22, 2009 at 3:32 am

The term “indentured” comes from the type of legal contract that the employer and employee would sign (an indenture), obligating the employer to pay the cost of passage across the Atlantic and provide room and board while the servant was obligated to work for up to seven years.  Today’s Indentured Servant will be the educated!  A Doctor who has worked for 8 years of college, finished a residency and is now forced to work at the will of the government to cover people who don’t feel they should have to pay for this service!

Yes some will argue that the poor couldn’t pay.  Ever notice what the choices were?  Few choose Heath Care, or the need to save money for a rainy day.

The United States Senate has created a new breed of “Indentured Servants” without the permission of those who are about to become indentured.  I know Harry Read is happy, but what about a student of medicine who owes upwards of half a million for an education?  Now forced to service a group who let others pay their way.  Who will be paying the Doctor who owes real money to get that education that the Senate just “indentured”?

Who ever said hard work pay’s, never saw the future according to Harry and Nancy!


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