Will the Next Edmund G Ross please stand up?

In Constitution, Health care, Obama, President obamas Cabinet on November 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm
Andrew Johnson thought Hancock was the ideal R...

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Will the Next Edmund G Ross please stand up?  As the only Senator to vote against the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Senator Ross defied his parties filibuster proof majority and saved the nation.  How?  By defying his party he kept the 3 branches of government intact.  Yes all the senate knew the day of the vote they could control a branch of government.  But just like today, a man of conscious rose above politics and saved us from ourselves.

Is there no senator who knows better in his heart that his Healthcare bill is going to hurt the country financially?  Is not one of them aware that throwing money at the problem will not fix anything?  Just look at the debacles you have given us so far.  Cash for Clunkers, Stimulus, H1N1 vaccine allotments, Housing bust and Tarp!

The Louisiana purchase alone should be enough to each of you from voting.  It is wrong that one state will be given additional services at the expense of others for a vote.

Where is a Senator of Principal?  Where is the next Senator Ross.  It’s not to late.  Think before you vote to destroy our way of life.

  1. We’re told how much this new health care bill will cost over the next ten years…………how much will the health care cost over the same period of time, if is not changed.Don’t for get to factor in what trade offs will be nultralized.
    We don’t have any experience in running any thimg like this so that alone is a cost factor………One might suggest letting another country run our plan till we get properly trained at such a feat. England, France, Germany, and other allies seem to survive while running their systems. I ponder if we’re smart enough to learn.

    • Canada’s is a failure! England has had to import Indian Doctors because their own citizens are no longer willing to work in the English health care system. Germany, Sweden and Australia are now establishing free-market alternatives in an attempt to alleviate problems caused by their nationalized health care systems. Indeed, these countries are learning that the best course for provision of quality health care is not more patient power rather than more government power.
      Yet Congress and President Obama are hell bent are making the same mistakes. President Clinton failed and then took the ridiculous action of forcing the Medical Schools to make all classes 1/2 women. We are still playing for that little blunder. It is only going to get worse. Yet so few people have actually looked at Germany, Sweden, England or Canada but they still call for their socialized system. Why is that? Because President Obama said it was better? He’d never been their either till he wanted to be president. Wow how many doctors will still be on call when they aren’t getting paid? Hope mine is willing to keep working for minimum wage.

  2. How is saving 127 billion dollars hurting us financially?

    • They are not saving 127 Billion. They are spending 850 billion so the bill says. They also have spent another 250 billion for Doctors to make this look even. Don’t listen to them, Read what they are doing. The senate is using smoke and mirrors. The real number will top the Trillion Mark quickly. And Charging you for Healthcare for 10 years and providing coverage for 6 years isn’t much a a deal.

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