Just another government lie.

In Health care on November 19, 2009 at 1:25 pm

Ask your Congress person, you will give us the Congressional Health Coverage and join this program that you’ve created for America?  You know the answer, but ask anyway.

Would you buy a car with 10 years worth of payments?  Would you want that car if you could only use it for the last 6 years?  What service would be worth paying into for a life time, but you only get partial use?  That is the government run health plan.  Start paying.  This is really about control of every citizen and  illegal alien in the United States.  Nothing is for free.  The time is now to write those letters, make a call.  Tell Congress that you would prefer they opened medical schools.  Not control which doctor you may see.

For the record, they couldn’t get the H1N1 shots out in time.  Yet congress got theirs.   They couldn’t tell truthfully how many jobs they saved with the stimulus bill.  Now they claim they know best for how much health care will cost.  Most of congress didn’t see the housing mess coming.   None of Congress is joining this program, yet they will insist you do.  Congressional health coverage will stay just for them, not for us.  Just another lie.


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