Obama vs Fox

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2009 at 12:20 am

Dear Mr President:

Why is it you have time to worry about a TV network and not enough time to decide if your going to support our troops with additional men? How is it that Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly or Rupert Murdoch have your attention but you have ignored General McChrystals request?

Sir as President of the United States you represent the 307,751,816 people who live here. Even the 65.5 million who voted for you are awaiting your decision. So why is it that when I turn on my TV your administration and yourself are worrying about a TV station.

President Obama, you are no longer running for President, you are the President. You’ll have to learn that lots people disagree with you. Some even hate you. But your still President. However most of the citizens of the United States of America respect the office of Commander in Chief and we want you to act the part and make a decision with Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you need some extra help. The next time I see a soldier having a shoot out with some Taliban or Afghanistan fighters I would like to see some serious Aircraft dropping some precision weapons on their heads till our soldiers are out of harms way. Killing the enemy is war, and we are in a war!

The WizardofAws


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