In Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Healthcare: Step 1

Each state will convert one Law school into a State Sponsored Medical School.  Training new doctors is the first step to curing this debacle that the Obama Administration has created.   Even though American’s enjoy the best medical care in the world, somehow we have been convinced that our system must be overhauled.  OK, if we are going to fund and offer extra free care to the poor.  Lets not place that on the backs of Medical Students who have to cover their own loans.  The New Fifty Medical Schools would be sponsored by the Federal Government and require each new physician to provide service in the state that trained them to low income facilities.

Note that every hospital in America already offers free care to anyone who cannot pay.  Somehow President Obama always omits this.  Also every state forces insurance companies to offer insurance to people who have pre existing conditions.  Another point they act like doesn’t exist.  If the President says it does that make it so?

The bonus to this system is we reduce the number of lawyers in the process!


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