Expand Lompoc Federal Prison before it’s to late.

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 at 1:14 pm

How about a new Federal Prison? Hawaii seems like a nice place for retirement. Yes lets dump a few billion into duplicating Lompoc Federal Prison. Federal Prison Camp at Lompoc, the country club of federal prisons is among 27 minimum security Federal Prisons in our system. I would think the administration might want to start pouring some of the excess dollars they seem to have lying around. Perhaps a few billion!

The reason? At the rate the administration is ripping apart campaign promises, violating the constitution, ignoring the voters, suppressing citizens rights, and well just doing as they damn well please we are going to need the prison beds. Remember the Constitution only requires “crimes and misdemeanors” for removal. Prison according to your Attorney General should be used anytime as a threat or punishment. Some of the administration could be spending some serious time at a Federal Prison long before the Obama term is over.

Eric Holder thinks it is ok to look back at other administrations for crimes. Well I think that a President Palin, President Perry, President Romney, President Gingrich, President Clinton or any sane elected President might need to undo some of these new fangled laws.

Perhaps we could build a CZAR wing so they have some company. It will work just like the administration. We won’t tell them why they are there, or how long they will serve. They will just sit around serving time.

According to G. Gordon Liddy Federal Prison is not that bad. You can cook your own meals, learn to make gold jewelry, play golf, tennis, garden, arts and crafts and have phone and internet access. No wigs or deceptive garb allowed. Ask Martha Stewart and all she did was sell some stock.

Remember President Ford granted a pardon for President Nixon, but they were of the same party affiliation. President George W Bush refused to allow his Attorney General to go after Clinton Staffers after they had destroyed Federal property when removing all the “W’s” off the computer key boards. Yet your administration sees fit to keep the threat of imprisonment over the staff, officials and administration of President Bush.

Might the next administration see Speaker Pelosi’s use of a 757. Vice President Biden’s closed door deal for his Senate Seat for his son. The administrations back room deals with Health care. The burdensome spending which is all going to political cronies. Hyper inflation called Stimulus Spending. The lack of a direction of the WAR in Afghanistan, even after the Generals have pleaded with the President for funding, troops, and new weapons. Any or all of these as Crimes, with a need for jail time.

Seriously think about building additional prisons in the style you wish to be accustom too. Lompoc could get crowded quickly.


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