Even President Obama can get one right once in a while!

In Uncategorized on September 27, 2009 at 4:38 pm

Presidential Up Roar over Obama’s School Speech.

Could you believe all the noise about the President of the United States of America speaking to school children. Everyone had an opinion as to if it was a good idea or bad. This is where the noise stops, and the thought process begins.
Why the fear?

Over the last Sixty years schools have been indoctrinating us, our children, and our future towards a new world view. The same view that President Barack Obama holds today. America is Cocky, America hasn’t been nice and my favorite, “We’re the greatest country in the world, now help me (President Obama) change it”.

I think the fear of President Obama speaking wasn’t that he might inspire children to want to study hard. But that he would expose his real beliefs. Those same beliefs that are in those current history books. Those same current school text books that our teachers used when they were students. (This explains) Why many teachers can’t pass the same tests that they are handing out. Their Unions are fighting to not allow testing of working teachers. Not all of them have been (enlightened). But lets face it. Ask a child on the street or 75 % of Harvard Universities freshman class who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and you will get a blank look. If they know that these are different documents at all.  Or better yet find a teacher that doesn’t have socialist tendencies!

With the arrival of our first Black President, which is still to come. Unfortunately for President Obama he is fact mulatto, which happily our society has learned to not judge by the color of a person’s skin. This occasion should have been a history lesson about slavery and oppression, over come in our own history and the workings of our government. Instead the President took the time to inspire our children with stories of little Jazmin, Andoni and Shantell. Not to mention giving parents the privilege of explaining cancer and Aids to our younger children.

Ask any child the basic questions of, Who is on a DIME? Why is he there? What war did he lead us in? Who is on the Five Hundred Dollar Bill? Or whats on the back of the penny? The answers are all at http://www.WhosOnMyMoney.com. The real point here is our history isn’t being taught. Students don’t understand what all the words are to the Star Spangled Banner, or who wrote it. Why was Francis watching a battle instead of helping fight? Great Stories that could have inspired generations.

So I would like to thank President Obama for his desire to bring to light our need to fix our schools and the books the students are taught with. He in one single simple unintended speech showed how many problems we need to fix.

I know that wasn’t his intention. But even President Obama can get one right once in a while.


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