Education Change?

In Uncategorized on September 27, 2009 at 10:18 pm

“Our school calendar is based upon the agrarian economy and not too many of our kids are working the fields today,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan. President Obama is considering extending the school year. Yes we could use some improvements in our education system, but just extending the amount of time students spend there will not help one student. We have to improve the quality.

The federal government and more over the Obama Administration thinks it can always use the feds to improve quality. Just the like experiment with our Health Care System, Medicare, Military, Taxes, Social Security, Torte Reform, Congressional Oversite, Banks, Auto Manufacturing, The Fed, Insurance reform, Housing markets, and over 32 CZARS. Have you seen any improvement?

President Obama keeps putting more on his plate and hasn’t fixed a single thing. At the rate he is going everything that the Goverment does should be screwed up by the end of his first year in office.

School Teachers don’t need more time, they need to use the time they have better. But President Obama refuses to let parents choose which school their own children will attend. Are his children in Public school? No? Why not? Because he can afford the choice. If he really wants to raise the level of education, lets start with testing the teachers. Let parents choose where their school dollars are going by selecting their own schools. Let schools compete. Not get more federal dollars for more wasted time.

Summer is a right of passage. Reading, relaxing, learning how to imagine, vacations and outdoor recreation. Yet the president thinks he knows best. As you know he visited all 52 states!

The administration should finish one task before they start another!


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