Israel and Palestinian leaders unique moment!

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2009 at 9:35 pm

Rahm Emanuel said Israeli and Palestinian leaders must take advantage of a “unique moment” for making peace.
Once again we seem to view President Obama with some sort of divine powers. Every President seems to have wanted a “unique moment”. Israeli or the Jews have been fighting for a peace in the region for the last 2300 years. Since the inception of Israel there has only been peaceful times never really a peace. So Obama is going to find it? Wow, how arrogant is this administration? Have they not noticed Iran’s build up or is it so easy to ignore if we don’t talk about it? Well, IRAN is arming and has promised to “remove Israel from the region”. I don’t think they mean to send them to the US. If they were promised the right to leave, would President Obama give them health care?
Rahm Emanuel has ties to Israel and has been remarkably quite on the situation. Lets hope someone speaks up before it’s totally out of hand. As people welcomed Netanyahu home he has made a huge hit with Israelis, who pretty much consider Obama a bad joke.

  1. Only the Obama would think he could acutally achieve world peace. sounds like a beauty queen!

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