New Rules to run for President!ent

In Uncategorized on September 19, 2009 at 10:15 pm
Presidents of the United States

Image by Effervescing Elephant via Flickr

1. You must live in the district of the politician you are donating money to.
No more getting lots of money from some entity on the other side of the country.

2. Promise never to pardon elected officials from federal crimes.
Sign a pledge. Let servants of the people who are convicted of crimes serve their time. See # 3?

3. Double the Sentence of any ELECTED official convicted of a federal Crime.

If a single Vote is cast for an elected position they must face double the penalty for any crime committed during their tenure. They must also serve out that sentence.

4. Maintain the dignity of the office out of office: Harry Truman was given a stipend. Yet he refused to ‘cash in’ on the presidency. When offered speaking fee’s he was quoted “You want the office of the president, and I’m not the man any longer.” If former Presidents are going to make millions out of office there is no reason for tax payers pay for 4 or 8 years of work. Go Harry.?

5. Mt Vernon is a privately funded National Landmark? Presidential libraries have the potential to keep us funding projects that are not meant to be public expenditures.
Would you agree upfront to fund your monuments or library privately. If not please don’t build it.?

6.Veto any and all legislation that places the Name of Elected Officials who are currently in office or have not been out of office for at least 10 years. The naming of publicly funded building, roads, bridges after yourselves at the taxpayer expense must be stopped.

7. Mandate the All Federal Officials follows the same laws, including the President.
Congress has exempted itself from laws it doesn’t want to follow. This should stop immediately. This should include health care, social security, retirement and so on, enough is enough.?

8. New Debate format? Internet Driven Debate as part of the process where you were each asked the Same Question, at the same time.
This would not be set up to “stump the Candidate” but get some real answers. Each Candidate would be placed in a sound proof room or even different cities for that matter. The questions would be asked via a video link. You get all the time needed to answer, but the Entire Answer is posted on the internet. This would offer 3rd party candidates the ability to participate. However with live, full posting, the American Public would benefit from the results.

9. Agree to a standardized FBI background check for all presidential Candidates and their spouses. Same as all Cabinet offices complete. If you can’t pass a background check we probably don’t need you running our country.

10. Never to spend more in the federal budget than is taken in with taxes. War is the only exception for a balanced budget. (this would include posting future monies… no accounting games!) 10 trillion and counting. The worst part is as of today our government doesn’t even know how much they are spending.


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